60 minutes attempts to whitewash Australian history

60 minutes whitewash australian aboriginal indigenous history batavia mutiny shipwreck

60 minutes have attempted to whitewash Australian history while promoting their story of the Dutch Batavia shipwreck in 1629.

Yesterday 60 Minutes aired a story about the Batavia shipwreck and the subsequent mutiny on Beacon island in Western Australia. During the promotion of this story, 60 Minutes began a process of whitewashing Australia’s history by labeling the deaths of over 120 people as ‘Australia’s greatest mass murder’.

The use of the word ‘greatest’ is a very strange choice of words but what concerns us more is how 60 Minutes have chosen to whitewash Australia’s colonial history. We are talking about the period between 1788 and the 1930’s where thousands of mass murders of Indigenous people were carried out by colonial settlers across Australia.

Many of the massacres are known to have resulted in death tolls that reached in excess of several hundred at a time. There are some cases where whole nations of people and entire languages were almost completely wiped out from existence.

If 60 minutes wants to run a story about a Murder island, why don’t they do a story on Bentinck island in the Gulf of Carpentaria or Tasmania where well over 1000 Indigenous people were hunted down and murdered. What about Fraser Island and Moreton Island in Queensland where hundreds of Indigenous men women and children were murdered.

Is that too hard or do fears still exist about the world learning the truth of how Australia was invaded and illegally founded on the back of an attempted genocide?



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