7 News use Margaret River tragedy to whitewash Australia’s colonial past

7 news margaret river osmington mass shooting western australia whitewash black aboriginal history

After the tragic mass killing in Western Australia this week, 7 News has labelled the event as the state’s worst mass shooting.

The claim that the recent mass shooting near Margaret River was the worst mass shooting in Western Australia’s history is simply misleading and is as an attempt to whitewash the brutal colonial history that saw numerous massacres occur across the state of W.A.

A quick search on Google is all it takes to uncover some of the atrocities that occurred right across Western Australia. You will soon find events such as the Pinjarra massacre, the Flying Foam massacre and the Forrest River massacre which make up just a few of the massacres that took place in Western Australia. Estimated death tolls from these massacres range from 10 to 150 with one of the most recent massacres, the Forrest River massacre, occurring less than 100 years ago in 1926.

The following video posted by 7 News Perth had news anchors claiming that the Margaret River tragedy was “W.A’s worst mass shooting”. To make matters worse, the news segment went on to highlight several other tragedies in Western Australia which involved multiple deaths of white Australians. At no time did the report make any mention of the horrific crimes that we mentioned above.

Sadly this is not the first time we have seen the media label recent tragic events as the ‘worst ever’ and we have a feeling that it wont be the last time either. That is why we are calling the 7 News out. We hope you can help too by sharing this to remind everyone about black history that the media is trying so hard to whitewash.

If you read our last article, you will know that we desperately want to educate new generations about Australia’s brutal colonial history with the hope that we can create better understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Australia.



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