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13 year old thirteen aboriginal boy kidnapped and assaulted by police bashed

13 y.o Aboriginal Boy Kidnapped & Bashed by Police

A young Aboriginal man has shocked thousands of Australians this week after sharing one of his own encounters with police brutality....
aboriginal people arrested for drinking at home

Court slams police for arresting Aboriginal people for drinking at home

The Northern Territory Supreme Court has slammed the actions of N.T Police who went beyond their powers by arresting Aboriginal people for...

Truck driver’s confession: police didn’t care that I killed an Aboriginal man

This week we were contacted by a Western Australian woman who wanted to share a shocking story that remains fresh in her memory after...
south hedland police run over aboriginal woman

WA police drive away after running over Aboriginal woman

Police in WA have launched yet another investigation into their own ranks after a police car failed to stop after running over and seriously...
western australia police officer allegedly high on ice meth roebourne aboriginal video social media

Aboriginal man captures WA police officer allegedly high on meth

The following viral video from the Pilbara town of Roebourne has been circulating online over the weekend. The video shows an on duty police officer...
apartheid darwin aboriginal man hot dog

Scenes of Apartheid as police harass Aboriginal man for ordering a hot dog

A Kebab shop and the city of Darwin is feeling the heat today as yet another race controversy rocks the City. Last night a group...
aboriginal boy hit by unmarked police car western australia

WA police hit 18 y.o Aboriginal boy in unmarked police car

Video has emerged on social media which shows W.A police officers hitting an 18 y.o Aboriginal boy in Southern Perth yesterday. The following video emerged...
police evicted commonwealth games protests

Media Blackout: the moment police were evicted by Aboriginal protesters

Aboriginal Protesters at the Commonwealth Games made lots of headlines last week but one of the most heated exchanges were left out. On Friday morning...
townsville death in custody aboriginal

Townsville police hit with explosive allegations after latest death in custody

Explosive new allegations surrounding the death of an Indigenous man in Townsville have been released by lawyers. Shocking new details have emerged from the latest...
police aboriginal teen huskisson australia day

Fantastic job: Police praise officers who broke Indigenous youth’s collarbone

Fantastic job was the response from a Superintendent after a brutal arrest on Jan 26th in Huskisson. Around 20 minutes after the large brawl occurred...