A letter of thanks to Clinton Pryor and the Walk For Justice Team

thank you letter to clinton pryor

Some people may not realise the magnitude of Clinton’s actions over the last 12 months.

After 12 months of walking, Clinton finally reached Canberra to demand change for the way we are treated in our own country. Most of the demands are basic human rights that shouldn’t need to be asked for.

Your walk may have ended with a Prime Minister who deceitfully delayed his meeting in order to study your demands and formulate an argument based on lies, but he has no idea what you have created among Indigenous communities right across Australia.

In recent years our communities were plagued by a huge sense of hopelessness when it comes to finding solutions to the problems created by colonisation. The government denies us the basic human right of self-determination that would allow us to forge our own way forward. “That’s just how it is now”, is a line that we hear far too often. It represents defeat and giving up everything that our culture has to offer. There has been talk for years about the need for monumental change but you Clinton are the one who did something and walked the walk and put hope back into our communities.

Our ancestors gave their lives to defend our culture, we have no right to stop fighting, especially when our culture holds the key to the worlds survival. Over the last few months you have brought words like sovereignty and treaty back into the national conversation. You have shown us all that we don’t have to be dictated to when it comes to these hand-picked national bodies that promote government agendas.

To Clinton’s team, we know that this couldn’t have happened without your enduring support. What a commitment you all have shown. You are all in the history books now. And to all the people who helped fund the campaign, we can be proud to say that we were part of the Walk for Justice too.

The stage is now set for Nov 4th when our nations will converge and discuss a new way forward. It doesn’t matter what your opinion is about treaty and sovereignty, everyone will have the right to be heard.

From the Welcome to Country team: Thank You!

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