Aboriginal Charity Guide

One of the most common questions we get asked is about charities that are having an impact with Indigenous communities in Australia.

It would be unfair to only highlight one or two charities when there are many charities across Australia. These charities all have their own different specialties. So we’ve dedicated this section in order to introduce and outline the work these charities are doing. If you are working for a charity or organisation that you think should be added, please contact us via our Facebook page.

We’ve identified 6 broad categories of charities which include Health, Healing, Women’s Support, Education, Homelessness and Activism. We also hope to see this number grow in the future too. If you cannot offer financial support, check out givit.org, where you can donate goods that have been requested or donate your time.


Children’s Ground is a charity that has had a big impact in 2018. Most notably when celebrity Ambassador Pat Cash made national headlines after advocating about Indigenous disadvantage. Children’s Ground has a wider scope of health, education, social and economic development and systematic change that has a ground up approach. They currently work with communities in the Northern Territory.

Fred Hollows and the Fred Hollows Foundation has been working to improve and restore eyesight across Aboriginal communities for almost 50 years. Today this work continues in Australia as well as overseas. 
The foundation continues to fight Trachoma which is considered a 3rd world disease that often results in blindness. The foundation claims that a donation of $25 is all it takes to prevent someone from going blind.

The Glen Centre is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre that is open to men aged 18 and over. The program which is open to both Indigenous and non Indigenous men is based on the Central Coast of N.S.W. The program has a strong focus on Indigenous values and aims to help lower the rates of Indigenous incarceration. In 2019 The Glen Centre hopes to begin offering services for women.

Nutrition Plus is an organisation that is working with young children across remote/regional areas of N.S.W, N.T & W.A to provide education and training about health and nutrition. Programs are centred around community fruit & vegetable gardens which become incorporated into every day meals.

The Purple House is one of the most remarkable and inspiring charities you will ever see. The Purple House was initially funded by Aboriginal artwork and now the Purple House is helping to provide remote kidney dialysis for patients when returning to homelands across Central Australia. The purple house website also has a shop which offers natural soaps and healing balms.


The Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance are at the forefront of Indigenous activism in Australia. All progress ever made in Australia has only come after determined grass-roots activism. This will continue with or without funding but we would be excited to see what could eventuate with increased funding and support. There is no donation link however money can be sent to:

Brisbane Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance
BSB: 633 000
Account: 154 594 758

Melbourne: WAR/RISE ANZ
BSB: 013128
Account: 220584933

SEED is a youth led Indigenous environmental activist network (climate network). They began as an arm of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition however it is fair to say they have now become the heart of the network. SEED is at the forefront of campaigns against Fracking and more traditional forms of mining.


You could be forgiven for thinking The Cathy Freeman Foundation was aimed at developing the next generation of Olympic Sprinters. In fact The Cathy Freeman Foundation is providing hope, inspiration and boosting school attendance rates in some of Australia’s most remote Aboriginal communities. The Horizons program rewards top students with a personal development tour to a major city for a week of workshops and tours. Another way to donate is by making a purchase through the Online Shop which has clothing, artwork, photography and more.

Yalari is an Indigenous education charity that offers full boarding school scholarships to Indigenous children from regional, remote or rural communities. There are several ways to donate, including volunteer opportunities, making a bequest in your will and by directly sponsoring a student.

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation is one of the best known Indigenous charities within Australia. It’s not hard to see why as they help deliver books to over 250 remote Aboriginal communities. The ILF also offers a number of different opportunities to support through direct donations, volunteering and book swap events that are often held in conjunction with Indigenous Literacy Day. Their website also has an online shop which sells books, bags and t-shirts.

Women’s Support

The Wirringa Baiya Aboriginal Women’s Legal Centre provides vital support and services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women across the Sydney region. Their services are free however due to a lack of funding, the centre sometimes has to refer women elsewhere for support.

Angel Gowns Australia: although not specifically an Indigenous charity, the volunteers understand the need that exists for Indigenous mothers dealing with the trauma of miscarriage and hand craft beautiful Angel gowns often adorned with Red, Yellow, Black Bows & Ribbons. Gowns can be delivered around Australia by request, free of charge.


Helping to support those who are faced with homelessness is another way you can help change a persons life when they are in desperate need. The following organisations help to provide basics such as food, clothing and shelter. (Please contact us if you know of other organisations we can add).

Sydney/BrisbaneThe Movement Crew

AdelaideHutt Street Homless Centre

PerthPerth Homeless Support Group Inc


The Healing Foundation works with over 7000 members of the stolen generations and their communities to assist with ongoing and inter-generational trauma. Sorry Day was created in respect to those who suffered from these acts by the Australian government. Sending a donation to the Healing Foundation could be a more personal way of saying sorry.

The Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation has been set up by Stolen Generation Survivors who were taken from their families and sent to the camp located near South West Rocks in N.S.W. This group aims to help survivors deal with ongoing trauma created from their removal from family and the physical and sexual abuse inflicted on them.

We’re still looking for more charities

As mentioned above, if you know of an Indigenous charity that isn’t listed here, let us know in the comments below or contact us via our Facebook page. With your help we can build this page into a nationwide directory.