Aboriginal man compares NT Intervention with Cyclone Tracy

aboriginal man compares nt intervention to cyclone tracy

An Aboriginal man originally from Alice Springs has compared the effects of the NT Intervention to the effects of Cyclone Tracy.

The former Alice Springs resident expressed a powerful message to the Alice Springs community online forum yesterday. The message was an honest account that really shows a first hand view of the issues that Federal government still fails to understand.

“NT Gov is under alot of pressure with how bad Alice Springs has become…. bad for locals, bad for people to stay or to come to relocate, bad for tourism, bad for the businesses, bad for the regional economy. If people want to point fingers or blame someone…. blame the Commonwealth Government from Canberra from John Howard (2007)….. to Rudd, Gillard, Abbott and now Turnbull… Even former NT Chief Minister Clare Martin wasn’t happy about The Federal Intervention coming in and federal government having ultimate power over the Territory jurisdiction. Before the Intervention came in full force, was really felt from 2008, home Alice was a place of very little problems, the only problems you really heard of was the intoxication, alcohol violence every weekend down at Melankas before they closed early part of the year in 2008. The cause and effect of another racist bad thought out policy by Commonwealth Government not only has affected Aboriginal remote communties in the surrounding region, it has brought in alot of the trouble makers into sacred Central Arrente country of Mparntwe Alice Springs, showing disrespect to the traditional owners and custodians and their traditional land, town unrest, break ins, theft, vandalism and anti social behaviour for all residents of Alice Springs. Born and bred Territorians like myself have left in the droves in the recent years because the last 10 years has got worse. I havent been back home for ages, miss home heaps, but if NT gov dont fix these problems, thanks to the Federal Government, it is going take a generation to rebuild my home town. The Federal Intervention (a social and political storm mess) to me is like what Cyclone Tracey was to Darwin in 1974, destroyed a whole town and Darwin had to pick up the pieces and rebuild, for years“. – Minungka McInerney

When will Alice Springs and other NT communities be allowed to start rebuilding?



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