More Aboriginal families speak out against Tamworth Correctional Centre abuse

tamworth death in custody families speak out

More Aboriginal families are now coming forward and expressing serious concerns over the treatment by guards at Tamworth Correctional Centre.

In one case a young Aboriginal man spoke to his parents about the mistreatment that Indigenous inmates receive on a regular basis. He went on further by saying that we need someone to let the world know how we are mistreated there.

The family contacted us after we first broke the story of the most recent Aboriginal death in custody. The family is not ready to go into details yet, however they say there is much more their son told them that needs to be known. Sadly, this young man took his own life.

Yesterday, Aunty Jean Hands, from the Northern Region Aboriginal Alliance made a plea for any families who wish to voice their concerns to contact her. The NRAA will take these statements to the NSW state government to try and negotiate change. Families can contact the NRAA via their website or Facebook page.

PUBLIC STATEMENT FROM THE CHAIRPERSON | Aboriginal Death in Custody.#justicefortane

Posted by Northern Region Aboriginal Alliance on Saturday, 23 September 2017


How much longer will this go on for? We feel that we can’t let this continual cycle of police investigating police and correction guards continue. Aboriginal deaths in custody have been an issue at the forefront of Aboriginal rights campaigners for far too long. We need independent investigations to bring about real change.

The next major protest is currently being organised online. It is a national day of action this Friday September 29th. Please show your support by joining and/or sharing the event link here.



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