Aboriginal baby girl names

aboriginal baby girl names
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Aboriginal names are becoming more and more popular after times when the use of traditional names were discouraged in Australia.

There was once a time when the use of Aboriginal baby names were discouraged and not recognised on paper. During those times, Indigenous people would have one traditional name recognised by family groups and one English name for use in the wider community. Thankfully we are now seeing a resurgence of Indigenous names returning without any thought of a second or alternative English name.

If you’re looking for Aboriginal boy names, you can check out our list of the 12 most popular Aboriginal boy names.

After scouring through countless forums, we have come up with 12 of the most popular Aboriginal girl names that are commonly used today. And for those of you in love with the photography used in this article you can check out more via the Townsville based Marshall Your Photos Facebook page.

12. Killara

Translates to permanent (always there) and comes from the Dharug language group in Sydney. There is also a suburb in Sydney bearing this name.

11. Medika

Medika is a beautiful name which means blossom or flower and is also a name given to native water lily’s. The name is believed to have its origins in South Australia.

10. Kylie

Kylie is a Noongar word for boomerang. This Aboriginal name is without a doubt, a name that went mainstream with the popularity of Kylie Minogue in recent times.

9. Tarni/Tahnee

This popular Aboriginal name is a Kaurna word for breaking wave/s. This name much like Kylie is also commonly used by non-Indigenous people who sometimes don’t realise the origins of the name.

8. Keira

Keira is a Dharawal word from the Illawarra region of NSW that means large lagoon or high mountain. This name is also common among people of Celtic descent where the name means dark or dark haired.

7. Alira/Allira/Allyra

The name Alira/Allira/Allyra is said to be an Aboriginal word for the common Quartz stone.

6. Lowanna

This beautiful name is a Gumbaynggir word that translates to girl. This name is also in use by Palawa people who are originally from Tasmania where Lowanna is the word for woman.

5. Alinta

Alinta is an Aboriginal word for fire and is believed to have its origins in South Australia. The name Alinta gained national attention after the 1980’s TV series, Women of the Sun.

4. Yindi

Yindi is a common Aboriginal girls name and is believed to mean sun. There is limited information about which Aboriginal language group this meaning comes from. The word Yindi is also used by Yolngu people and is part of the world famous band, Yothu-Yindi where Yothu means child and Yindi means Mother.

3. Jedda

Jedda is another popular Aboriginal girls name. The name is believed to have originated from the Noongar word Djida, which means little wild goose. The name became more popular after Rosalie Kunoth-Monks starred in the 1955 film ‘Jedda’.

2. Maali/Mahlee/Marli 

Maali/Mahlee/Marli is a name found in quite a few languages around the world. The Noongar word Maali means black swan. Another suggested Aboriginal meanings for Mahlee/Marli are said to mean old tree.

1. Kirra 

Kirra is becoming very popular and has been selected as the most popular on our list. The name Kirra is used by various Aboriginal Nations around the border regions of QLD & NSW. To the Yugambeh people, it is said to mean leaf or dancing leaf. Other meanings from surrounding nations include ‘Beuatiful woman’, ‘to live’ and even boomerang.

So that’s the end of our popular Aboriginal girl name list. Did your name make the list? We’re more than happy to add more names to this list. Let us know in the comments below.

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