Aboriginal man joins Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party

jason quick indigenous aboriginal one nation party

Pauline Hanson can now boast of having an Indigenous representative within her One Nation party ranks.

Jason Quick, a Kabi Kabi man, is representing One Nation’s Queensland seat of Redland’s which is East of Brisbane. If you’re finding this hard to believe, you should know we are too. But as unbelievable as it sounds, it is actually true.

What makes the story more interesting is that Jason has opposing views to Pauline Hanson when it comes to Indigenous issues, most notably, the cashless welfare card that has been targeted towards Indigenous communities. Jason also supports a Treaty between Indigenous and Non Indigenous Australia which once again is at odds with the views of the One Nation leader. The One Nation party does not even support amendments to the constitution to include Indigenous people.

We have checked out his Facebook page and we can say that he has done well to fly under the radar until now. Jason is running in the upcoming Queensland election against Peter Dowling, the former Redland’s MP who is running as an Independent after being stood down by the Liberal/National Party for immoral behavior in 2015.

jason quick midnight oil
Are the beds burning at Jason Quick’s household?

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In other news, Clinton Pryor prepares to meet Government leaders in Canberra tomorrow at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. Something that has not happened at the Embassy since Gough Whitlam sat down with Indigenous leaders back in 1972.

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