Aboriginal fighter ‘Tai Tuivasa’ is the UFC’s very own Mike Tyson

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After just two UFC fights, Tai Tuivasa is fast becoming one of the UFC’s most feared heavyweight fighters.

With only 7 professional MMA fights to his name, Tai (Bam Bam) Tuivasa remains undefeated and has earned a reputation as one of the hardest hitters in the sport. Just like Mike Tyson all of his victories came by knockout and they happen fast too, with all of his fights ending by knockout in the first round.

The young Indigenous fighter from the streets of Mount Druitt in Sydneys west describes himself as ‘Fat Fit’ as he is deceptively fast on his feet without having a ripped or toned body that many of his rivals have. In 2017 he became the first ever Indigenous fighter from Australia to win a UFC fight.

Tuivasa has described his heavy weight division as boring and has made it his mission to bring some spark back into his weight class. Tuivasa is of Aboriginal and Samoan heritage and was a promising Rugby League player before switching to the UFC.

Before last weekend, Tuivasa was one of many promising UFC fighters, however Tuivasa shocked UFC fans and commentators with a dominating performance against a much more experienced opponent. This performance has seen him break into the UFC’s  top 15 after just 2 UFC fights.

Does Tuivasa have what it takes to become number 1? We certainly will be hoping he can make it to the top of his sport as he continues to represent our people, flying our colours on the world stage.



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