Adnate’s latest murals promote healthy eyes in Aboriginal communities

adnate trachoma aboriginal project

Adnate was busy supporting remote N.T Aboriginal communities last month by showcasing his talent in Nyrripi & Willowra.

The project was part of the ‘clean faces, strong eyes’ campaign which is run by Indigenous eye health. Last month they joined forces with the CDC, The University of Melbourne, Indigenous Hip Hop Projects, International street artists – Kali and Adnate. Adnate also learned a few things about landscape art from local artist Robin Brown.

Together they ran several art and education workshops with the aim of ending trachoma by 2020. Trachoma is a debilitating but preventable disease which can quickly lead to blindness. Children are at the highest risk of the disease. The best forms of prevention include having better access to clean water, less crowded living conditions and antibiotics to treat infections at an early stage. Education is also important as the disease can be spread by flies, direct person to person contact or by contact with clothing and towels etc.

To check out all of Adnate’s work, visit and follow his Instagram page.

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