Allegations of drunk police officer assaulting Aboriginal boy in Kowanyama

kowanyama police assault aboriginal boy

There are serious allegations coming out of the Aboriginal community of Kowanyama, where it is believed an intoxicated police officer assaulted an Aboriginal boy.

It is believed that police decided to search a car that was entering the town where alcohol restrictions are in force. While the search was taking place, an Aboriginal boy filmed the search using his mobile phone. The phone was allegedly slapped away by the police officer who then allegedly proceeded to assault the boy. The incident occurred on Sunday night.

Queensland police are aware of the incident and have stated that it will be investigated by their ethical standards commands unit. Interestingly the announcement went on to say that the investigation will also be overseen by the crime and corruption commission.

Details are limited at the moment, however the story has also been reported by the Cairns Post and the Brisbane Times.

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