Anthony Mundine slammed by Casey Conway over gay remarks

anthony mundine casey conway gay death penalty

Gay former NRL player Casey Conway has slammed Anthony Mundine over his latest comments about homosexuals.

Conway who is now a Youth worker and model labelled Mundine a “Vile Human” after his latest public comments that suggest he supports the death penalty for homosexuals.

Mundine’s comments came during an interview that took place after leaving the reality TV show, “I’m a celebrity… get me out of here”. He claimed that homosexuality should be pushed back behind closed doors the way it used to be and felt that the death penalty would be a good deterrent for gays and pedophiles.

Conway also challenged Mundine about how his stance aligns with Aboriginal culture and teachings and stated that it is Mundine who is out of touch with his views towards women and the LGBTI community, (Indigenous and non-Indigenous), Conway told

If you would like to hear more from the Indigenous LGBTI community, check out some of the following advocates who are doing a remarkable job of standing up and speaking out.

Steven Oliver | Nayuka GorrieCasey Conway | Allan Clarke |



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