Let Asian families adopt neglected white children

asian parents adopt white children australia

There are growing calls for neglected white children who lack basic morals to be adopted into Asian families.

The Asian community have been outraged for years as they watch wave after wave of school leavers enter the wider Australian community plagued with issues that are breaking down the fabric of Australian society.

Some of the biggest concerns exist around the levels of drug and alcohol abuse, rates of violent behaviour and the levels of sexually transmitted diseases that exist among young white adolescents.

It is hoped that this intervention will help save Australia from following the same path as other western nations such as the United States and Western European countries.

Apart from instilling basic moral values and self respect, it is hoped that a renewed focus on education will help lift Australia’s education rates that have been steadily declining over recent years. The Asian community is alarmed by Australia’s inability to turn education rates around and fear this will almost certainly come back to haunt Australia’s economic future.

This article was written in response to recent Australian news headlines that contained strong race superiority messages exclusively in favour of white people. Abuse of children is not exclusively an Aboriginal problem. Protecting children from abuse can occur by placing at risk children in the care of any race (not just white people).

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