Australia Day debate echoes the hatred from the SSM vote

ssm australia day debate hatred hate aboriginal australia

It is not long now until Australia Day and once again the debate over changing the date is at an all time high.

The calls to end Australia Day celebrations being held on January 26th (Invasion Day) are once again fueling extreme levels of online hatred towards Indigenous people in Australia. As each year passes more and more Indigenous people are beginning to question and demand change over this date.

This year has seen even more momentum after Triple J’s hottest 100 decided to move their countdown away from Jan 26th. Also this week, we have seen the emergence of the Save Australia Day Campaign headed by Mark Latham and his token Aboriginal side kick Jacinta Price.

Last year, before the SSM vote there were serious concerns about the effect the Yes and No campaigns would have on the LGTB community. These concerns became reality with a number of incidents occurring over the hate generated during the debates online.

We are now once again seeing the same level of hatred but this time aimed towards Indigenous people in Australia. But what is different this time is that there is no vote just around the corner. Those of us who are calling for change are shouting at a totalitarian government who sees the issue as one of the nations foundations, something that would change the shape and future direction of the nation.

So now we are at this disgusting standstill and the hatred spewing from non-Indigenous Australia is only serving to divide us and Isolate our people even further. We are seeing racist comments that tell us to leave Australia and even questioning our Identity by referring to lighter skin Aboriginal people as half cast. Some might argue that our protests and calls of no pride in genocide are offensive but this is merely a case of truth telling.

So where is the concern for the damage this debate is doing to our people. There is no vote that will end the debate just around the corner. We are just going round and round in circles. Each year our voice grows louder but we are pushed even further apart.

After the SSM vote, the hashtag #LoveWins went viral.

Where is the love or even basic respect for Indigenous people in Australia?



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