Australian flag dragged into dual citizenship fiasco


It is still not known whether or not the flag will be stood down from official duties until investigations are completed. This investigation comes after an embarrassing month of politics in Australia, which has left many people around the world questioning whether or not Australia is in fact a legal nation or an outdated illegal colonial outpost.

It is common knowledge that Australia was inhabited by Aboriginal people for beyond 60,000 years. 229 years ago the English arrived and started a campaign on wiping out the Aboriginal race who they deemed to be animals. There is nothing these early settlers didn’t try. From herding our people off cliffs, to mass shootings, poisonings of our water and food supplies, to intentional exposure to European diseases such as smallpox.

Now 1788 wasn’t back in the dark ages when the romans were running around conquering other countries through war. In 1788 International laws had already been established. During this time the English had already begun the move to ban slavery and were actively helping to resettle them in Africa. But Australia remained as a rogue nation that committed acts of genocide and upheld slavery until the 1960’s. Some would argue that the agenda of genocide through assimilation continues today. Did you know that suicide rates of Aboriginal youth are some of the highest in the world?

Let me get back on track with this article… So as I mentioned, in 1788 International laws were in place. For England to legally claim Australia back then they would have had to either purchase the land, trade the land with a treaty agreement as done in Canada & New Zealand, or declared war on the people of the land. To this day the European settlers have failed to do any of those three things. How did England get away with stealing a continent? Why was the International community not questioning the actions of these illegal colonisers? Perhaps it was due to the fact that Australia was so disconnected from the world at that time. But what about now? Where is the justice for these crimes against humanity and the theft of a continent?

Our people live on some of the richest land in the world but are living in poverty. We are the most incarcerated race of people on the planet and most of us die before the age of 50.

Did you know, the very first Aboriginal man to learn English way back around 1780 (Bennelong) was able to explain to the settlers that our people have land ownership/custodianship systems that are passed down from one generation to the next? The settlers ignored this and continued to use the legal claim that Australia was “Terra Nullius” which means nobody’s land. Over 200 years later, Eddie Mabo was successfully able to overturn the settler’s legal claim of “Terra Nullius” by once again showing that his people in the Torres Strait also have land ownership systems that are passed down from one generation to the next. This should have been a turning point for our people.

It was 1992 and the world was a much more connected place with International laws being upheld by the likes of the UN etc. However once again another fancy term, “Native Title”, was thought up by the settlers and this continues to deny our people the basic human rights to self-determination that are supposed to be forwarded to us as Indigenous people.

If you clicked on this article hoping to read about the Australian flag, I apologise for shamelessly getting your attention in such a dishonest way. Would you have clicked on this article if it read “Aboriginal man questions Australia’s sovereignty in 2017”?

Anyway, if Australia does decide to address the issue of sovereignty through their own good will or by force under sanctions from the international community (similar to sanctions that were implemented on Apartheid South Africa)…Here are some potential flags that could help unite us in the future.

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