Australian media uses Las Vegas massacre to whitewash American history

sunrise whitewash american massacre history

In the wake of the recent terrorist attack in Las Vegas, Australia’s media are shamelessly using the event to whitewash American history.

While most of the worlds media are making note that the recent attacks in Las Vegas are the worst in “recent” history or “modern” history, Australia’s television networks are choosing to go with the insensitive idea that the the massacre is the worst ever.

We have found report after report from Channel 9, SBS, The daily Telegraph and channel 7 all reporting the recent massacre as the most deadliest or the worst shooting in U.S history. Sunrise even felt the need to add the word officially just to make a point of it.

Headline by SBS / Australia

There is a serious problem with this. We are not complaining for the sake of complaining as you may be thinking. The same thing also happens in Australia when the media talks about the Port Arthur massacre as being the worst in Australia’s history.

So why is this issue so concerning that we have chosen to speak out about it right now?

America is reeling from four minutes of hell that became the worst mass shooting in the nation's history. It's already claimed 59 lives and left another 527 injured, with thousands more traumatised.

Posted by 9 News Perth on Tuesday, 3 October 2017


History shows there have been major massacres of Indigenous people both in America and Australia with death tolls that reach well over 100 – 300 people at a time. To gloss over these events by saying that recent events were the worst is an attempt to re-write history.

There are new generations of children who will hear these headlines and take them as fact. This together with schools that are reluctant to teach the truth about colonial history are systematically whitewashing our history.

To whitewash history is extremely disrespectful. Surely it’s not to hard to put yourself in our shoes is it? Just a few generations ago our families were raped, shot and murdered. It is already enough pain in knowing that no justice was ever served. It rubs salt into our wounds as you continue to profit from these crimes. But when you try to erase this history it is like a kick in the head. It hurts and it is infuriating.



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