Australian Olympic commentator labels all Chinese the same

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An Australian sports commentator is under fire tonight after claiming that all Chinese look the same during a Winter Olympics broadcast.

The comments came during the Women’s Aerials event which is one of the few Winter Olympic events that Australia has strong medal hopes in. Professionalism went out the window after the Channel Seven commentator decided to say she’s not sure who the Chinese competitor (YAN Ting) was because “she’s very Chinese and they all look the same and they’re very hard to tell who is who”.

Perhaps it was the tension of seeing long time Australian favourite, Lydia Lasilla bow out of her fifth Olympics that resulted in the nasty comment. But still, how hard is it to read the competitors name? The video above was recorded by an Indigenous man who couldn’t believe what he was hearing on a national broadcast.

This is nothing new for the network though. Channel 7 has a long history of insensitive and racially charged comments on their news and talk shows. In 2015, Sunrise host Samantha Armytage told a bi-racial twin that she was lucky to have white skin while her dark skinned sister sat speechless beside her during a live interview.

Channel Seven has also come under fire in recent months with biased interviews in relation to changing the date of Australia Day. They have also held debates on Indigenous issues without actually having an Indigenous person take part in those debates.

Update: We had the video of this moment linked here via Youtube, however Channel 7 reported it for a breach of Copyright.



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