Biggest mob set for biggest yarns with Telstra’s free Christmas calls offer

telstra aboriginal christmas payphones landlines free calls

Telstra is expecting their free Christmas calls offer to be used by more than 1 million people over the 72 hour period.

In case you didn’t know already, Telstra has opened up the use of Payphones and home land lines for free from 24 December to the 26 December. As long as you’re making a call from either a land line or a payphone you will be able to call friends and relatives for free. You can even call your mob who only have mobile phones.

So what are you waiting for? Ring up your mob for biggest yarns this Christmas.

The offer was started last year on selected payphones which resulted in more than 270,000 phone calls being made. This year Telstra is expecting a huge increase in the amounts of calls made after they expanded the offer across all of Telstra’s payphone network. 

So make sure you share this with all your mob, then jump in a payphone or grab a landline (home phone) this Christmas for biggest mob yarns.

*This offer doesn’t include 13- numbers, International calls or directory services. Calls can be made from land lines/Pay phones to mobiles but not from mobiles to land lines.*



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