Blackfulla Revolution hacked just days before Invasion Day


The largest independent Indigenous activist and education network in Australia was in unknown hands after being hacked overnight.

Update: Admins are now back in full control of the page.

We received a message late last night from a devastated admin who found herself and other admins booted off from the Blackfulla Revolution Facebook page which currently has over 156,000 likes. According to Dei Phillips, she and all other admins and editors had their access to the page removed. As we are writing this there appears to be no strange posts but you can see that the URL of the page has already been changed from /ourcountryourchoice to /ourblackfullamoreji81u2.

Blackfulla Revolution has been instrumental in building pressure and educating the general public upon a wide range of Indigenous issues for a number of years now and to lose control over one of the largest independent media tools just days out from Invasion Day is heartbreaking for the admins who volunteer with countless hours each an every week.

There is a Blackfulla Revolution backup page but this is of little value right now with only 900 likes. We hope that everyone reading this can help spread the word about what has happened. So for now, new (genuine) BFR updates will only be coming through on the backup page while admins try to make contact with Facebook to look for a solution.

January is the biggest month for Blackfulla Revolution which is a central coordination point for protest rallies around Australia. BFR was also in the process of organising their very successful ‘back to school schoolbag campaign’ which was aimed at providing up to 300 Indigenous students with a boost for the new school year.

If anyone knows the best way to get this situation resolved quickly through Facebook, please get in touch with the Blackfulla Revolution 2 Facebook page. We hope that common sense can prevail and Facebook can return the page to the true admin team.



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