27 Pauline Hansons turn up to blackfulla’s offensive theme party

pauline hanson offensive themed party

There was surprise and amusement in Dubbo this week after 27 Blackfullas all turned up to an offensive themed party as Pauline Hanson.

The party was held in response to the common occurrence of offensive themed parties happening in white communities. Some of those recent parties have made international headlines after party goers paid little attention to how offensive they had become.

Last week, Alex Sampson from Dubbo, decided to see if a Blackfulla version of these offensive themed parties could gain the same kind of international attention and raise awareness about Indigenous issues in Australia.

While Alex didn’t receive the International attention that he hoped for, he does hope that it will help people in Australia realise how much of an impact Australia’s politicians have on Indigenous people. Apart from the 27 Pauline Hansons, there were also 15 Nigel Scullions (the non Indigenous “Indigenous Affairs” Minister), 12 Tony Abbotts, 8 John Howards, 6 Warren Mundines, 4 Noel Pearsons and 3 Jacinta Prices. One of the party goers who said he was going to dress up as Anthony Dillon didn’t actually make it to the party as he was somehow given the wrong address.

This is a satire piece written by Welcome to Country. If you had a good laugh at this, make sure to share it with your mob. If you have any ideas or want your own article published, contact us via our Facebook Page here.




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