Indigenous NRL star captures blatant racial discrimination in Sydney

racial discriminaltion sydney indigenous aboriginal nrl nathan merritt

A former Indigenous NRL star has captured the moment his family were denied entry into a Western Sydney hotel after attending a funeral service.

The video (below) which was posted to social media on Friday has since gone viral. The vision clearly shows Indigenous men and women both young and old being refused entry to Bidwill Hotel in Western Sydney.

It’s very SAD that we still have to put up with RACISM in this country😏Me and my family refused entry after a funeral for our family member at the “Bidwill Hotel” because we are black fulla’s but go and let 2 white fulla’s in the pub right in front of 🤔😏No one was intoxicated just family trying to get together mourning the death of our lost one.. Racism still exists in Australia

Gepostet von Nathan Dean Merritt am Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2019

The family began arriving to the Bidwill Hotel for an informal gathering after the funeral service. Some family members had already entered the hotel before security began implementing what appears to be a race based entry policy. In the video you can see those who had already entered walk out in disgust after learning what was happening at the main entrance.

The video also highlights the moment security allowed two white men to enter the hotel while continuing to refuse entry to those with coloured skin even though the dress standards of the white men was much lower than those who had just attended the funeral service.

The family were then escorted from the premises after multiple car loads of police and dog squads arrived. After all of this, the family tried to go to another local hotel (The Carousel) however they were once again met by police and reluctant staff who allegedly told the family members they would not be able to purchase any alcoholic drinks.

We would like to remind anyone reading this that there is no room for racism in this day and age. What may have been acceptable in years gone by can no longer continue. Those that do continue should remember that a simple search of your business name on Google or Facebook will give people the power to leave individual reviews which highlight what happened and how you made people feel. Racism does not pay in 2019.

To the security guard in the video, we heard you explaining at the start of the video how you were instructed to do what you did. At 1 minute and 22 seconds in the video we could even see the anguish in your face as you knew what you were doing was wrong. You probably even realised this was going to blow up and you were right in the middle of it.

Well we challenge you to take a stand against racism as well. If you resign, we’ll make sure news of it goes viral too. We have no doubt there would be hundreds of non racist employers willing to hire you if you take a stand.

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