Breaking: City of Yarra gives Australia day the flick


Councillors representing the city of Yarra have tonight voted to officially replace Australia day celebrations with Aboriginal smoking ceremonies.

The final resolutions include having a culturally appropriate smoking ceremony, educating the broader public on the ground and via social media channels about the reasons behind the change. The council will also use the successful ‘yes’ vote to encourage similar changes to occur throughout the country under the leadership of a better informed and respectful government.

The decision was met with controversy with a number of residents protesting the vote and claiming that changes would only generate more hatred… You know how they go!

invasion day protest aboriginal australia day survival day
Invasion Day Protests have been happening throughout Australia for decades

Welcome to Country would like to thank the Yarra city council for their understanding and we would also like to remind them that they are standing on the right side of history and will be remembered as leaders for reconciliation in Australia. Similar decisions have also been made in Freemantle, W.A & Lismore, N.S.W.

We do not accept any arguments that these decisions will make racial tensions worse. These decisions will spark the debate that non Indigenous Australia have so far refused to partake in. Debate may cause tension but it is through this communication that we will reach an understanding.

Are you disappointed that this hasn’t happened in your town? Then share this story and help spark the debate wherever you are living.



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