Captain Cook shits himself ahead of Invasion Day | Satire

captain cook statue vandalised melbourne australia day invasion day melbourne

It has been an embarrasing day for Captain Cook after making national headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Tomorrow the people of Melbourne are set to see the largest Australia Day protests ever seen in the country. The protest is part of nationwide protests that will be happening in major towns and cities across the country. It appears as though all of this was too overwhelming for the man who claims to have discovered Australia.

Change is definitely in the air this year in Australia. The European settlers are beginning to wake up to the calls from Indigenous people who have been saying “Hello”, “We still exist” for several decades now.

It’s starting to look like Australia is finally at the stage where both non-Indigenous and Indigenous people will have the chance to sit down together as equals and work on a new national narrative that reflects an honest history and a future based on mutual respect.

These developments appear to have become to much for Mr Cook though with many believing that these developments may actually lead to the removal of Cook’s statue and other colonial statues from Australia’s towns and cities.

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