Centrelink officer caught filming young women in shopping centre

townsville centrelink officer indecently filming women willows shopping centre

A video which shows a Centrelink officer being confronted after allegedly filming a young woman in a Townsville shopping centre has gone viral.

The incident occurred after two sisters kept bumping into the same man in different isles of the Woolworths supermarket inside Willows Shopping Centre in Townsville. At first the young women didn’t think too much of it until the third occasion when one of the sisters realised the man, who looks very similar to KFC’s Colonel Sanders, may have been taking pictures of her sister.

While one sister ran to get security, the other confronted the man, demanding to know what he was doing. The confrontation was recorded by the woman and her video revealed that the man was deleting files from the gallery of his phone. Her videos have since been shared on Facebook over 2,700 times.

While the story was picked up by local media, they failed to mention that the man was wearing a shirt worn by Centrelink staff. This was spotted by several people who commented on the original videos posted on Facebook. Several other people who commented have confirmed that the man is in management position at Centrelink, with one person mentioning they had to deal with the man at Centrelink the week before.

Other comments show that it may not be the first time people have witnessed the man acting indecently. A number of people who recognise the man allege they too have been followed by the man or have seen him acting suspiciously around others.

According to 7 news, the sisters filed a report however charges were not laid. Despite this the sisters intend to pursue the man in court. We have published the story to emphasize the fact that the man is believed to be a Centrelink officer. If charges cannot be laid for his actions, we would like to believe that his actions would result in disciplinary action in his workplace. We encourage anyone reading this to make a formal complaint which can be done in writing and addressed as below (postage is free). If you’re in Townsville, you may want to visit the Centrelink office outside the Willows Shopping Centre to ask how a direct complaint can be made.

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