Channel 7 launches hate campaign against Indigenous rights supporters


Since Melbourne councils have been rolling out plans to scrap Australia day, Channel 7 has begun a hate campaign that tries to shame all those involved.

This is the media we are talking about right? The media are supposed to keep an unbiased level of judgement aren’t they? Well it’s time to reconsider what you call news and media on your TV screen. From the negative language and body language, to illogical arguments and questions, let me point out how hypocritical channel 7 are.

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Firstly, just yesterday, Sunrise had Pauline Hanson on for a similar style of Interview. Hanson was being interviewed about her attention seeking Burqa stunt that has been criticised by experts who say her actions put all Australians at greater risk from terrorist attacks. But somehow by the end of the interview, reporter Samantha Armytage gave Pauline the benefit of the doubt around her actions.

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This morning Armytage went “head to head”, yes those are the words channel 7 chose to describe their interview with Darebin councilor who is in favour of moving Australia day to a more respectful day. Armytage started the interview by playing the numbers game, saying that with over 128,000 residents, only 81 were polled about this move. This argument is flawed as Indigenous people only make up 2 to 3% of the population and our voice never reaches these residents because of the failure by mainstream media like channel 7 to report on our issues and interview our people in times of protest. The argument also fails to recognise the fact that large populations of Aboriginal people would exist in these areas today if there weren’t large scale massacres across the region after the arrival of European settlers.

The next argument centered on whether or not the councilor would go to work on January 26 or not. This argument was an irrelevant scripted schoolyard tactic designed to project hypocrisy and shame on to the councilor.

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Thankfully in the comments below, many people decided to call out Armytage for the way in which she conducted the interview. Some even questioned whether or not this was Armytage’s opinion or she was told to conduct the interview in this manner.

We think this is a clear example of how mainstream media tries to manipulate the direction of Australian society. This is something that everyone needs to be conscious of as history shows that this can be very dangerous.

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