Christian leader compares gay marriage to stolen generations

the feed sbs gay marriage compared to stolen generations christian leader lyle shelton

Last night, Lyle Shelton, who is the head of the Australian Christian lobby and the spokesman for Coalition for Marriage, compared children living with same-sex parents were the same as Indigenous children that were part of the stolen generations.

What makes this more extraordinary is the fact that Mr. Shelton was being interviewed by two Indigenous hosts on the SBS show – The Feed. Laura Murphy Oates & Rae Johnston’s families were both affected by the stolen generations and appeared to be stunned by such a comparison.

Mr Shelton claimed that legalising gay marriage somehow involves creating a government policy that would deprive children access to their natural parents. Murphy-Oates responded by pointing out that numerous studies over the last 30 years have shown almost conclusively that children raised by same-sex parents have a harder life.

Already there has been disgust shown towards Shelton’s remarks on social media and we think this will continue in the hours, days and weeks to follow.

To understand more about how the Stolen Generations continue to affect our communities, read our recent article: 7 ways Aboriginals are still being robbed in Australia today

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