Clinton Pryor is not done yet


A lot of the media that is reporting on the Walk for Justice are now saying that the campaign has ended.

While the walk may be over, Clinton is only one day away from doing something that has never happened before. Clinton has summoned the Governor general to meet with him at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. It looks like Clinton has been successful in securing the meeting. Furthermore, it looks like the Governor General will be accompanied by the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition leader Bill Shorten.

So, the message is clear, the walk for justice is not over. In the 45 year history of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, there has only been one visit from a political leader and that was from Gough Whitlam when he was the opposition leader at the time in 1972.

Opposition leader Gough Whitlam meets at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy
Opposition leader Gough Whitlam meets at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in 1972

The significance of this is huge. Right now the government has very little credibility when it comes to upholding the rights of our people. The government has ignored our voices for generations. It is shameful that the last political leader to meet at the embassy was Gough Whitlam in 1972. To have these political leaders come out to the embassy by Clinton’s request will be a rare moment where government leaders have sat down with our people as equals. Clinton is not being paid to do this. He has no hidden agenda and his agenda is very clear. Treat our people right, with respect and human rights that we deserve. This isn’t a request, it is a demand from us as sovereign people.

So stay tuned to Clinton’s Walk for Justice… Tomorrow is going to be huge!¬†Clinton Pryor is in town and he is talking about justice for our people. He talks straight and he speaks the truth.

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