Community members burn same sex marriage surveys in Arnhem Land

fire ramingining arnhem land same sex marriage survey

Community members in the remote community of Ramingining in East Arnhem land have set fire to almost 50 same sex marriage surveys.

In a huge oversight by the Australian government, same sex marriage surveys were sent out Australia wide written in one language only. While this may not be a problem for many people living in Australia, it became a scene of confusion in the remote community of Ramingining in the Northern Territory.

arnhem land same sex vote marriage aboriginal
Same sex marriage survey sample

For many Aboriginal people living in this region, English is their second or third language. According to an ABC report, it is believed that residents interpreted the same sex question as some kind of decision that would have a direct impact on each and every man. The misunderstanding resulted in the ballot papers being set alight.

After hearing about this event, the Australian Bureau of statistics have sent out field officers who have translated recordings of what the survey paper is about.



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