Darwin community rallies around tour operator who made international headlines

darwin shop owner caught hosing aboriginal man hose australia spraying water

As we predicted, the non-Indigenous community have rallied around the Darwin tour operator who was caught on camera hosing away an Indigenous man last week.

Amazingly despite the clear vision of a man repeatedly gesturing and spraying water towards the Aboriginal Elder, members of the non-Indigenous community are sticking to the claim that the staff member was just cleaning the footpath. The video clearly shows the member of staff appearing shocked and immediately stopping once he/she realises they were being filmed.

This morning, the owner of the tour business was interviewed on local Darwin radio and continued to lie openly about the event. The owner claimed to have heard the original audio where he claimed the person taking the video “told the Aboriginal man to move on” as well. This is simply not true! You can hear the radio interview below which was recorded by a local Indigenous man – George Hanna.

The radio host went on to say that the video has helped start a conversation and they praised each other for talking about related issues in Darwin such as homelessness and housing, but their conversation was still lacking an Indigenous perspective. The shop owner also mentioned that he received a huge amount of support from other local businesses.

Interestingly the story told by the NT news is disputed by the person who recorded the footage. The NT news claimed to have interviewed the man from the video, but his story was that he was hosed early in the morning. The incident that was filmed was taken in the afternoon. These are clearly separate incidents.

What does all this say about Australia? Why is this behaviour being excused?

Australia… R U OK?

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