Watch: Darwin shopping centre security guard knocks out homeless Aboriginal man

darwin security guard knocked out homeless aboriginal man

Shocking footage has emerged from Darwin where a shopping centre security guard was caught knocking out a homeless Aboriginal man.

The incident occurred early on Saturday morning at the Palmerston shopping mall, just a few kilometres east of Darwin. According to witnesses, a group of homeless men were asking for money, and as the security guards were in the process of asking them to leave, one of the guards took the law into his own hands. The video clearly shows a security guard trying to box with one of the Aboriginal men. The guard appears to become more agitated after the homeless man slipped several of the guards punches. That is when the guard punched the homeless man in the head, causing him to fall on to the concrete path. (Video footage below) The guard is believed to be of NZ descent.

What is even more disturbing is that police were not interested to see this footage according to a witness. The man who was hit did not regain consciousness for around 2 minutes and he was simply ushered away by police with the rest of the men as if nothing happened. We hold serious concerns first and foremost for the homeless man who was unconscious for an extended period of time. Where is the duty of care? What happens if he passes away in the next few days? Our other concerns surround the attitudes of those who hold these positions of power in and around the Darwin region. Why isn’t this incident being investigated? Why should the security guard continue to be employed after this?

So this just happened and like I'm dumbfounded. Like how can they get away with this? Thoughts people please! #justanotherdayinPalmerston #Secondclasscitizens 😬

Posted by Kerrina Leigh on Friday, 13 October 2017


This incident is yet another stain on the cities image. Just last month, Darwin made International headlines after a shop owner was caught hosing away another homeless Aboriginal man in the city. How can the Darwin region turn around this terrible lack of respect towards Indigenous people? We don’t want to keep posting news stories like this.




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