Don’t call me Australian if celebrating theft and murder are Australian values

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Yesterday, Malcolm Turnbull slammed the Yarra city council for democratically voting to remove official Australia day events from January 26th.

The backlash from Canberra should start to make you realise that Australia has some serious issues as a nation. The federal government went one step further by removing the right of the council to hold citizenship ceremonies all together. Is this democratic Australia or some outlaw dictatorship?

Apart from this undemocratic reaction from the government, Malcolm Turnbull went on further to say that moving Australia day celebrations would go against Australian values. Really? Well if celebrating theft and murder are Australian values, then please, stop calling me Australian. There are many Indigenous people around Australia who refuse to Identify as Australian and Identify only by our Tribal nation names.

Malcolm Turnbull said moving January 26th would cause division… We are already divided. Not only are we not identifying as Australian, we also gate crash your Australia day parades around the country each and every year. You may not realise how this looks from Canberra as the media try their best to suppress our protests. But for the people of Melbourne, it is a clear reality that things need to change. The days of celebrating Australia day as you know it are numbered.

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