Dylan Voller back in Alice Springs court

dylan voller alice springs court

Today Dylan Voller was back in the Alice Springs court after an application was lodged by the NT Police that claimed a disorderly conduct charge was a breach of his parole.

Dylan will now have to wait 6 weeks after his case was adjourned by the Alice Springs court. Dylan was only a few days away from the end of his parole when he was scandalously arrested at a youth prisons protest in Alice Springs.

Dylan was moving towards his mother at the protest when the police violently grabbed him. Dylan has many supporters from around Australia who often take part in protests but never end up in a police cell. This incident and other acts of intimidation by police are becoming more alarming as it appears the NT justice system desperately want Dylan back behind bars.

Arrernte Grandmothers group members Patricia Ansell-Dodds, Doreen Carroll and Pamela Lynch Knewarraye speaking outside Dylan Voller's court hearing in Alice Springs.

Posted by Natalie Wasley on Wednesday, 4 October 2017


A crowd fund campaign has been set up to help pay off some of the fines that were issued during the protest. The campaign that was aiming to raise $3,500 has already raised over $4,000 dollars.






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