Dylan Voller begins national campaign for justice

dylan voller national campaign justice

Dylan Voller has hit the road this week on a national campaign for justice and basic Indigenous human rights in Australia.

Dylan says he was inspired by Clinton Pryor’s walk for justice and plans to travel to Indigenous communities around the country to hear the concerns of our people before taking those messages to Canberra where he will set up camp for as long as it takes until the government takes notice.

Posted by Dylan Voller on Monday, 4 December 2017


Since being released from detention, Dylan has become a centre-point for Indigenous rights in Australia. He has become connected with long time Indigenous rights leaders and is ready to pick up the fight. Since his release he has continued to feel the pressure from a justice system and the wider community both in Alice Springs and in online circles that discriminate against Aboriginal people. Even the recently completed Royal Commission into youth detention went almost unnoticed since its release.

Dylan will also fulfill his promise to the Mother of Elijah Doughty by heading back to Kalgoorlie to help her continue to make a stand as well as offering the support that her and the community of Kalgoorlie needs.

We look forward to watching his journey and will continue to keep you updated as you can be sure that the media will do their best to either ignore or ridicule his actions. If you want Dylan to meet with your community be sure to send him a message.



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