Dylan Voller’s generous cash donation to remote Aboriginal youth

dylan voller donation yalata aboriginal community

Dylan Voller has announced he will be sending a cash donation to the remote Aboriginal community of Yalata in South Australia.

Dylan spent time in the community recently as he made the journey across the Nullabor to Western Australia. His time there left a lasting impression for himself and the Yalata community. Today Dylan has announced he will be donating $1,000 to the community. The generous gift is for the youth of Yalata and will come as a welcome surprise over the summer holiday period. This Christmas will be his first outside of jail since he was 11 years old and it appears he is making up for lost time with a huge amount of generosity.

Dylan is currently on his way to Perth as part of a National Drive for Justice Campaign. There will be a support rally held this Thursday in Perth (Forrest Chase) at 11am. If you would like to help support Dylan, get down to the rally or support him via his gofundme page. Dylan says he was inspired by Clinton Pryor’s walk for Justice campaign and much like Clinton, he will be travelling to meet and share stories and learn from Aboriginal groups around Australia.

These actions are part of a new generation of Indigenous resistance in Australia and we would like to encourage Dylan to stay strong and be proud that he is making history with every step he makes on this journey.



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