Dylan Voller targeted by police in Western Australia

dylan voller police harrassment western australia

Dylan Voller has been targeted by Western Australian police on his first day in the state on his drive for justice campaign.

Dylan is on his way to visit the mother of Elijah Doughty in Kalgoorlie before he heads over to Perth to meet with local activists who have already issued a warning to police to leave Dylan alone. But on his very first day in Western Australia it appeared the police had other plans for the teenager who was at the centre of the N.T Royal Commission into juvenile detention.

Dylan recorded the following video of police stopping him in the town of Norseman where they searched through his car trying to find the slightest reason to fine him for having an un-road worthy vehicle. Dylan handled the situation very calmly and was even able to point out the irony that he is making this journey to campaign against this exact kind of police intimidation towards Indigenous people in Australia.

Posted by Dylan Voller on Friday, 15 December 2017


Some people believe the police knew that he was coming. However we aren’t so sure as you can see the look of surprise on the officers faces as they run the I.D check on him. They were probably triggered by the prominent Aboriginal flag on the bonnet of his vehicle or the words ‘pay the rent’ written on the side of the car.

We did notice the officers also took his registration details so we are sure there will be a lot more situations like this to follow as Dylan continues his drive for justice. Make sure you click through to his Facebook page and follow him.

He is posting mostly positive updates (like the one above) regularly throughout his journey. A journey which we think has all the ingredients for a future movie/documentary.

Update … a Gofundme page has been started to help support Dylan on his drive for Justice.





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