Education Queensland under fire for racist advertisement

racist education queensland aboriginal

Education Queensland is under fire for publishing a racist advertisement on the eve of Indigenous literacy day.

Education Queensland failed miserably this week when they published a racist advertisement that was aimed at encouraging teachers to work in Indigenous communities. After a strong backlash, Education Queensland quickly removed the post from their Teach Queensland Facebook page.

It didn’t take long for news of the image to spread and soon enough one of the boys mothers took to twitter to express her disappointment. Dr Chelsea Bond is a reasearch academic at the university of Queensland. She told mainstream media earlier this week that the message of the advertisement did not reflect her son at all as he is a high academic performer at school.

Dr Bond went on to say how this was not only a poor reflection on Education Queensland but Australian society as a whole. There are so many takeaways from what has happened. It highlights the stereotypical attitudes that persist today.

Education Queensland have stated that the officers responsible for allowing the advertisement to be published will now receive cultural awareness training.

This incident comes just weeks after another disturbing case where a Western Australian newspaper used what they called “generic Aboriginal faces” to report on a story about kids trading sex for alcohol and drugs.

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