Elijah Doughty wasn’t just murdered, he was lynched

Lynching Indigenous aboriginal elijah doughty

What do you know about the death of Elijah Doughty? Do you know that Elijah stole a motorbike? Do you know that he was riding a stolen motorbike at the time of his death? If you answered yes to any of these questions you can count yourself as part of what is now a nationwide lynch mob that is preventing Elijah’s family from having the justice they deserve while promoting a message that death for petty theft is acceptable.

Now lets take a step back from the absolute sham of an investigation that has taken place over the months since Elijah’s death. Firstly there was no clear evidence presented during trial that the bike Elijah was riding was stolen. Elijah did in fact own 2 motorbikes of his own. Secondly, Eljah’s killer was instructed by the police to wait around near the local reserve to find Indigenous youths who may or may not be riding his stolen motorbike.

If you thought we were exaggerating with the word Lynching, then you should be starting to see the big picture coming into view. Elijah’s death was not at the hands of one man but at the hands of a community vigilante group that breeds hatred on social media and behind closed doors. And what kind of police tell victims of crime where to they might be able to solve the case for themselves?

aboriginal death kalgoorlie elijah doughty vigil
Candlelight vigil held in honour of Elijah

Kalgoorlie’s 2 major community whinge & crime Facebook groups were well known for their racist comments and hatred towards the Indigenous community. As with many online platforms around Australia it is common to hear people suggest that Aboriginals should be shot or run down on roads and highways. It is often joked that the derogatory term ‘Boong’ is the sound an Aboriginal person makes when getting hit by a bullbar. Well one of those online members took the hate one step too far and ever since, the community (including police) and now the nations mainstream media have all banded together to protect Elijah’s killer from facing the full force of the law. This nation wide lynch mob is clinging on to the assumption that Elijah was a thief who was caught red handed riding a stolen motorbike. They are sending a clear message to all Indigenous people that whites will be protected by the police, courts, the media and the wider community if they choose to take justice into their own hands.

Did you know that some of the Indigenous people charged with rioting after Elijah’s death may end up spending more time behind bars than Elijah’s killer? Did you know that the evidence at the crime scene was disturbed by all of the emergency service vehicles? The jury was only presented with the story of the killer who claimed Elijah swerved in front of him. These are some of the facts that have left our community fuming right across the country.

elijah doughty aboriginal death murder kalgoorlie
What have the youth of Kalgoorlie learned from this injustice?

We hope that this article might get you to stop and think about things from our perspective. Which brings me to our final question… Have you seen any interviews on mainstream media from Elijah’s family? At the court house last week the question was asked to camera men covering the case as to why they hadn’t approached Elijah’s family for questions? One camera man responded by saying he was told just to film the reaction and any violent scenes that may occur.

aboriginal lynched lynching kalgoorlie australia
When will we see justice?

So over to you now! Do you agree that Elijah was the victim of a community lynching? Do you agree that the media wants to help justify the soft sentence by promoting unproven assumptions? Are these events a show of force by the dominant racial group in Australia? In case you didn’t know already, Elijah joins a long list of injustices handed out by Australia’s justice system. You can leave your thoughts in the comments if you wish. All I will say is that when there is no justice there will be no peace.



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