Elijah Doughty’s father allegedly attacked by police

elijah doughty father attacked
Australians against Aboriginal Racism and Forced Land Acquisition / Facebook

The alleged attack occurred on the eve of the anniversary that marks one year since the day Elijah was killed in August 2016.

Vision of Darryl Doughty’s arrest first appeared on social media late last night via the Australians against Aboriginal Racism and Forced Land Acquisition Facebook page. The post includes claims that witnesses believe the attack was unprovoked and that police were taunting Elijah’s Father.

Today, NITV have reported the official police response who say that the father refused a mandatory police search when trying to enter the Kalgoorlie court house as part of a protest over the lack of justice surrounding Elijah’s death (It’s not illegal to refuse a search and leave as Elijah’s father did). Police also claim he was seen “acting aggressively” and was soon asked to leave the area. Not long after that, police were seen arresting Elijah’s father as you can see in the video below that NITV decided not to share.

Darryl was required to attend court today, one year to the day that Elijah was killed. Elijah’s grandfather, Albert Doughty, said it was shocking that they scheduled the court date for today. He said they knew it was the anniversary of Elijah’s death and he went on to say that police intimidation had been particularly intense leading up to the anniversary. Albert also expressed his disgust for the community in Kalgoorlie who applaud what happened to Elijah.

These are clear signs that Kalgoorlie has a lynch mob mentality where the majority of the community feels free to do and say what they like without questions being asked. Our Welcome to Country team feel that Human Rights observers are needed in the racist town to prevent things from deteriorating further.

Cops Bash a murdered Childs father

The father of Elijah Doughty was bashed by cops today in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia the day before the anniversary of his murder. Witnesses stated that the bashing was unprovoked and the cops were provoking and taunting the father. How come these Kalgoorlie cops are not investigated? This is out of control Australian Human Rights Commission targeted racism at the lowest level Ever. Has the family not suffered enough?!>>—-> #Kalgoorlie #CopWatch>>—-> #NoPrideInGenocide#Racism #RacismInAustralia#Apartheid #WhiteAustraliaPolicy

Posted by Australians against Aboriginal Racism and Forced Land Acquisition on Monday, 28 August 2017



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