Forget the Australia day debate, the Wik People just signed a treaty with China

Goodbye European Colonisers economic freedom aboriginal people
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Last Friday when the rest of Australia was debating how the government should continue to go around in circles on all issues surrounding Aboriginal people, the Wik people of Cape York in Queensland were signing off on a historic economic treaty.

The 600 million dollar deal will ease the current strangle hold the government has on the community of Aurukun. This is a groundbreaking agreement which will give community leaders the opportunity to take control of decisions.

Currently, Aboriginal communities around Australia face many hurdles before government funding actually reaches the ground to complete development projects. Many people believe that this bureaucracy is intentionally designed to slowly end the existence of these remote Aboriginal communities.

It seems there is a government agenda to move our people to larger regional towns and cities in order to disconnect us from our land and culture and effectively assimilate us into the larger non Indigenous population.

Read all about the full Wik treaty deal here

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