Foster carer charged with murder over death of Aboriginal baby

murder aboriginal baby foster care nsw

A NSW foster carer has been charged with murder almost three years after the death of a 20 month old Aboriginal boy.

Australia’s child protection system is once again in the spotlight after recent news reports reveal that a 20 month old baby Aboriginal boy died in suspicious circumstances in March 2015. Investigative journalists from the Daily Telegraph are believed to have been putting pressure on investigators after it was revealed the baby had a broken femur and injuries to his face at the time of death.

It was also revealed that the 40 y.o foster mother had held a ‘gathering’ at her house on the night of the death. What has not been revealed is the identity of the foster mother (for legal reasons) and the name of the town where the murder took place. The town is said to be 100km North West of Dubbo (Possibly the town of Warren/not confirmed).

The mother of the baby is believed to have been in a traumatic relationship before reaching out for temporary supportive care. The baby boy had only been in care for two months before passing away. His mother claims to have been left in the dark over the case without any answers. The mother was even denied access to her baby for 3 weeks after the death of the baby boy.

We feel this case has all the hallmarks that once again point towards an incompetent child protection system and a justice system that holds little respect towards Indigenous people in Australia. We will be following future developments closely.



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