Slow action by Google creates embarrassing situation for Australia

racist names google maps australia nigger

Typing the N word into Google Maps reveals a shocking list of results, with the large majority coming from Australia.

Social media users have been sharing Screenshots of Google Maps search results this week. Typing the N word into Google Maps reveals a list of place names, with the majority of results coming from Australia.

In recent years, British Colonial countries such as America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand bowed to pressure to change or simply remove place names that used racist terms such as the N word. It appears that Google has updated most place name changes in North America but has made no changes to the names in Australia and New Zealand which has created a very embarrassing situation for Google and Australia.

The place names also draw attention from internet trolls who leave crude Google reviews. According to news reports in recent years, the majority of the place names highlighted above have already been officially removed.

We have written this article to help build pressure on Google to take the matter seriously and make the required updates or name removals. You can help too by making sure this article gets shared as widely as possible.



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