Gumtree under pressure to ban fake Aboriginal artist

gumtree fake art geelong

Michael Connolly, a well known Indigenous artist and businessman has taken the fight against fake Aboriginal art to new levels.

Michael has been at the centre of much online discussion that exposes dodgy practices happening in our markets, airports and even overseas. Now Michael has caught out a fake Aboriginal artist from Geelong who uses Gumtree to sell fake Aboriginal artwork.

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Posted by Michael Connolly on Monday, 8 January 2018

Michael was able to contact the seller’s partner who admitted that the artist was not of Aboriginal descent. She then told Michael that her partner learnt his skills from mob in Cairns and said he can paint whatever he wants. She even used the term “Abo art” to describe her partners work. She then ended the conversation by saying that Aboriginal people already make enough money from Aboriginal art and said there are no laws to stop him from doing this.

The partner may be right with her last statement. There are currently no laws to stop people from committing cultural fraud when they create meaningless artworks with stolen designs and symbols (often from different tribes). But that may be about to change with a Parliamentary inquiry into the practice currently underway. The inquiry will also look at the overseas factories which produce thousands of so called Aboriginal souvenirs found all across Australia.

Gumtree also responded to complaints by removing some of the artists ads. However some of the fake art remains and we hope that some of our readers will help join Michael by reporting the artist to make sure all of the fake art is taken down by Gumtree.

You can find the fake Aboriginal artists account here.¬†Once you’ve reported the seller, why not head over to Michael’s genuine Aboriginal online store and help turn the tide against fake Aboriginal art sales by buying direct from Aboriginal artists and businesses.




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