Hero or Villain: Opinion divided over Captain Cook vandal

Thug Life vandal statue aboriginal sydney captain cook

Opinion is divided about the man police are seeking to question over the recent statue vandalism in Sydney.

While many have condemned the actions taken, others are saying that it has helped bring greater discussion to the issue that appeared to be losing traction by the end of last week after Pauline Hanson’s Burqa stunt.

The ironic thing about this question, “Hero or Villan”? Is that the same question needs to be asked about the colonial figures honoured with these statues. Will we one day see a statue of this vandal too?

aboriginal statue vandalism
No pride in genocide was the message written by the vandal

Supporters of the vandal took to social media to say the actions are nothing in comparison to the crimes of the men honoured by the statues. After police released a photo of the man they believe responsible for the action, it became apparent that the man appears to be Aboriginal. This has got many of us questioning who this fulla could be. Others commented on the alleged vandals “swagger” which prompted the meme to be made.

Over the weekend, the image was even turned into a “thug life meme” which has continued the discussion about whether the actions were right or wrong. Meanwhile, Stan Grant, the man who reignited the discussions about the statues, issued a statement, saying the action was criminal and definitely not the way to go about things.

What is the right way of doing things when we are often left out of the conversation completely?

What do you think about the actions? What other forms of action do you support?

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