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27 Aboriginal words and phrases that all Australians should know

This article is for anyone who feels they don't know many Aboriginal words or for anyone who wants to test their knowledge. After reading and...
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12 of the most popular Aboriginal boy names

After many requests we have finally put together the list of the most popular Aboriginal baby names for boys. In case you missed it, check...
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12 of the most beautiful Aboriginal baby girl names

Aboriginal names are becoming more and more popular after times when the use of traditional names were discouraged in Australia. There was once a time...




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Australia’s 10 biggest Aboriginal named cities

What are the 10 largest towns & cities in Australia that have Indigenous names? Some towns and cities have very distinct Aboriginal names but...
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The 50 foot tall Indigenous statue America doesn’t want you to see

The 50 foot high dignity statue has been standing tall in the U.S state of South Dakota for over 12 months and has only...
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7 signs that white Australia is living in the past

If you are outspoken about Indigenous rights in Australia, you would have most likely been told at one stage or another to stop living...


We found the giant 20km long crocodile swimming through central Australian...

An image described as a giant crocodile swimming through the desert in central Australia has gone viral this week. The image was taken out the...