aboriginal indigenous charity guide

Aboriginal Charity Guide

One of the most common questions we get asked is about charities that are having an impact with Indigenous communities in...
casey donovan slays lady gaga song shallow

Casey Donovan absolutely slayed Lady Gaga’s new hit song ‘Shallow’

Independent Artist Casey Donovan left fans in awe this week while performing Lady Gaga's song, 'Shallow', live from her home on Facebook. If you've seen...
racist names google maps australia nigger

Slow action by Google creates embarrassing situation for Australia

Typing the N word into Google Maps reveals a shocking list of results, with the large majority coming from Australia. Social media users have been...




New wave of child torture claims set to rock Australia

There were strong calls for the recent Royal commission into Juvenile Detention in the Northern Territory to be a nationwide investigation. These calls went unheard...
martin luther king III alice springs australia aboriginal

Martin Luther King III slams Australia after water cut from Aboriginal community

Martin Luther King III has slammed Australia's lack of progress towards the treatment of Indigenous people during a speech in Alice Springs this week. In...
parliament house canberra clinton pryor governor general

Clinton Pryor walks across Australia, Governor General refuses to step outside

In news just in, Clinton Pryor has received notification from the Governor General's office that the Governor General will not meet with Clinton at...


Indigenous graduation celebrations light up social media

Social media has come alight recently after record numbers of Indigenous year 12 graduates celebrate their achievements. Combining culture with success in education has become...