latrell mitchell taree racism attack police

Latrell Mitchell highlights systematic racism in his hometown of Taree

NRL superstar, Latrell Mitchell has made headlines this week after he returned to his hometown and highlighted the issue of systematic racism....
april fools un closure of regional australia story

Breeding Hate: UN calls for complete closure of regional Australia

The United Nations special rapporteur for Indigenous rights has called for a drastic plan aimed at protecting Aboriginal land, languages, people and...
australian anthem white supremacist song

Australia’s National Anthem is a White Supremacist Song

After the Christchurch terror attack, many people around the world were shocked to learn about white supremacy in Australia but if you...




australian media ignores ed sheeran aboriginal flag statement

Australian media ignores Ed Sheeran’s Aboriginal statement

Ed Sheeran is making headlines once again in Australia with his latest record breaking national tour. During Sheeran's last tour in 2015, he exposed just...
barkindji aboriginal language indigenous hsc students 2017

Meet the first Aboriginal students to complete an Indigenous language HSC exam

The HSC has come and gone for another year, but away from the big cities, Aboriginal students in the town of Menindee were creating...
aboriginals robbed today in australia

7 ways Aboriginals are still being robbed in Australia today

We always hear from non-Indigenous people that we get so many benefits. In reality the benefits are few and far between and usually come...


5 Superhuman abilities of Indigenous people

For thousands of years we have made use of our very own superhuman traits to help us survive and thrive across some of the...