aboriginal super model samantha harris tourism australia north queensland

Samantha Harris revealed as new face of Australian tourism campaign

Aboriginal Super Model, Samantha Harris, has been unveiled as the face of Tourism North Queensland's latest marketing campaign. In...
port augusta father and son attack aboriginal boy

Video exposes father and son bashing Aboriginal boy

Sickening video has emerged from Port Augusta where a father and son are seen attacking a young Aboriginal teenager. The video was uploaded to Facebook...
camping with custodians western australia

World first ‘camping with custodians’ venture expands across Western Australia

Tourism WA's successful 'camping with custodians' venture is expanding across the state's Kimberley region and beyond. The program is designed to encourage interaction between tourists...
indigenous knowledge atalanta lloyd haynes

A reflection on how western knowledge systems have impacted Indigenous Knowledge systems

For much of my life I lived within a European/ Colonial framework that differs greatly from Indigenous worldviews and knowledge of interconnectedness. It is a...

The biggest Indigenous names in 2017 according to Google

We have turned to Google Trends to see who are the biggest Indigenous names of 2017 and the results might surprise you. If you...
Badu Island Prince of Monaco visit

Total media silence over Royal visit to remote Indigenous community

After weeks of news surrounding the Royal visit of Harry & Meghan, the Australian media has gone silent over a visit to the Torres...
jacinta price lies aboriginal massacre alice springs

Lost all credibility: Jacinta Price denies brutal Alice Springs history

Jacinta Price has continued on with her campaign to win over the hearts and minds of non-Indigenous Australia. Jacinta's latest comments would be music to...
Holden Aboriginal Style Boomerang Steering Wheels

Remember when: Holden’s Boomerang Steering Wheels

Holden has a long and proud history in Australia and at the heart of that history lies a recognition of Aboriginal culture.
parliament house canberra clinton pryor governor general

Clinton Pryor walks across Australia, Governor General refuses to step outside

In news just in, Clinton Pryor has received notification from the Governor General's office that the Governor General will not meet with Clinton at...


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Central Desert communities speak out over Jacinta Price

After several months of one sided news coverage and debate from Alice Springs, Indigenous communities are now speaking up about Jacinta Price and Australia...

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