sovereignty aboriginal indigenous australia heritier lumumba

AFL star declares government has no jurisdiction over true owners of Australia

A prominent AFL star has publicly declared that the Australian government has no jurisdiction over Indigenous people of Australia. Heritier Lumumba took to instagram yesterday...

Do Aboriginals feel the cold more than white people?

Australia is known as the hottest and driest continent on Earth & home to what we believe is the oldest population of humans on...
indigenous knowledge atalanta lloyd haynes

A reflection on how western knowledge systems have impacted Indigenous Knowledge systems

For much of my life I lived within a European/ Colonial framework that differs greatly from Indigenous worldviews and knowledge of interconnectedness. It is a...
irish president aboriginal people genocide

Irish president admits convicts took part in Aboriginal genocide

The admission was made in front of Australian politicians who are largely in denial about Australia's colonial history. In the first visit to Australia by...
leonardo dicaprio indigenous aboriginal protest canberra seedmob water is life instagram

Media Blackout after Leonardo DiCaprio supports Indigenous protests in Canberra

You could be forgiven for not being aware that Leonardo Dicaprio has joined a group of very few celebrities who have turned...
wellington square councillor racial attack

South African politician incites racial violence in Perth

It appears a former South African politician has begun his election campaign by inciting racial violence on the streets of Perth. Michael Sutherland is a...
white supremacist arson exeter england terrorist fire bomber england jewish synagogue attack

White Supremacist engulfed in flames after pouring petrol on Synagogue

In a case of "Instant Karma", a white supremacist has been engulfed in flames after pouring petrol on Synagogue.
aboriginal housing demolished newman western australia Parnparjinya

Aboriginal housing demolished in Western Australia without notice

Shocking news has emerged from the remote Aboriginal community of Parnparjinya in W.A's mining rich Pilbara region. Recent vision...
racial diversity sunrise on 7

Just how diverse is the team at Sunrise?

After all the attention brought about by Sam Armytage this week, we decided to see just how diverse the team at Sunrise really is. Sunrise...


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Outrage after Aboriginal man left in chains while on life support

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Queensland station owner had 40 sets of Aboriginal ears nailed to...

A determined writer from W.A is lifting the lid on some of the worst crimes ever seen in Australia. The genocidal killing of Indigenous...

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