Indigenous Australia asks why Queen Elizabeth hasn’t had her citizenship questioned


Why are Australia’s politicians taking all the heat during the ongoing dual citizenship crisis?

At least they have some form of Australian citizenship. Australia’s head of state, the Queen, is not even an Australian citizen. The outdated constitution has once again created some real embarrassment for this country. Hopefully this crisis will be a blessing in disguise and prompt everyone living in this country to rally for change to this dishonorable document.

It has been well over 100 years since federation but still today, Australia is struggling with an identity crisis. This identity crisis is largely due to the fact that European settlers have tried to hold on to their European roots and traditions while out-rightly refusing to acknowledge, accept or embrace Aboriginal culture. Nowhere is this more obvious than Australia’s unwillingness to become a republic.

The only way Australia can end the constant embarrassment the constitution throws out is by fixing the constitution. Many of us as Indigenous people believe that we need a new constitution entirely. Let’s end the identity crisis by coming together to create a constitution that reflects the values of this country. A constitution that has the approval of Indigenous Elders. Our Elders are the ones who should be this country’s head of state. Not the Queen of England.

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