Indigenous Commonwealth Games artists allegedly receive 3% of profits


Allegations have surfaced today that Indigenous artists were only paid between 1 & 3% of profits from official Commonwealth Games merchandise.

Indigenous artist and fake art trade campaigner, Michael Connolly, has come forward with strong allegations that Indigenous artists employed by the official Commonwealth Games contractor (Jabiru Boomerangs) who supplied Indigenous art souvenirs, only received between 1 & 3% of the final sale price at official Commonwealth games stores.

Connolly says he is speaking on behalf of artists who don’t wish to be named. He alleges that artists were only paid 50 cents for boomerangs that sell for between $50 & $60 AUD. That works out to 1% of the final sale price. Connolly also alleges that artists were paid $5 for Emu eggs that sold for $130AUD. That works out to a total cut of 3% for artists.

There are also serious claims as to whether Jabiru Boomerangs actually met the ethical principles set out by organisers to be an official supplier for the Games. In February, allegations were made that Jabiru Boomerangs could not possibly have met the Indigenous employment/ownership targets set out in the Commonwealth Games ethical standards.

The Commonwealth Games will also feature a large contingent of Indigenous protesters who are using the opportunity to highlight long standing issues such as sovereignty and the legitimacy of Australia as a nation. Commonwealth Games protests have a long history in Australia. To get involved, follow updates from The Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance.

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