Indigenous leaders out of touch with Indigenous Australia


This weekend, all eyes are on the Garma festival as non Indigenous and Indigenous leaders fly in for the annual talks on Indigenous issues. It seems however that the conversations are not a reflection of the true views from the rest of Indigenous Australia who have been priced out of the event that costs $1,815 AUD just to enter the gates.

In recent weeks all of the talk among Indigenous circles have been about the disgusting injustice that surrounded the case of Elijah Doughty. Beyond that, we have seen a royal commission into juvenile detention and of course Indigenous youth suicide rates remain at record levels, but for some reason these Indigenous figureheads seem only to care about constitutional recognition.

aboriginal leaders australia government constitutuional recognition
Government appointed Indigenous leaders have spent years formulating the plan for constitutional recognition

I’m sure these Aboriginal leaders would argue that with Constitutional change, all of our problems will be addressed but that is simply not true. There have been admissions from all sides that the proposed Indigenous voice to parliament would have no real power. So what is really happening at the Garma festival? It appears to have been hijacked by a non Indigenous agenda. Dare I say it, but it looks like the government is using the festival to examine which figureheads will be selected to toe the line during the upcoming years in government. A lot of these Indigenous figureheads would be aware of this need after Malcolm Turnbull disbanded the Indigenous advisory council back in February.

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