Indigenous leaders slam Warren Mundine for Australia Day comments

warren mundine slammed

Indigenous leaders have come out in force to criticise Warren Mundine over his comments made on Australia Day.

Mundine was outraged after hearing the Invasion Day speeches in Melbourne. He took particular offence when Tarneen Onus-Williams from the Koorie Youth Council said she hoped Australia burned to the ground. Since those comments were made, both the media and other politicians have focused directly on those words. Warren Mundine even called upon Government leaders to take all steps necessary to de-fund they KYC.

People like Warren Mundine seem incapable of considering whether or not this was a heat of the moment comment or whether it was a metaphor in relation to the political structures in this country that serve to promote white privilege gained through acts of genocide and dispossession.

Ms Onus-Williams has since stated that her comment was in fact a metaphor and should not have been taken literally. It appears Mr Mundine has deleted his original tweet to de-fund they KYC but over the last two days he continues to defend his words and his right to free speech even though his comments are akin to those of a dictator.

Marcia Langton has also been highly critical of Mr Mundine’s comments as they show an attempt to abuse whatever power and influence he feels he may have. Mundine has also been criticised for simply mouthing off without actually trying to connect with these youth and understanding their points of view.

There are a ton of tweets and replies that you can check out over in the Twittersphere. We find it interesting that we are the first media source to report on this story. Can you imagine the coverage if non-Indigenous politicians were being called out so publicly like this. It seems the media only wants to hear from Indigenous people when it suits them.

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